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Welcome to the Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce.  Our chamber was founded on the principle that it is our job as the County Chamber Of Commerce to help the economic growth and success of our members in every way we can!  Business Members and Organizations just starting or that have been in operation for a while always need a helping hand in brining credibility and consumer trust to their organization as well as helping to market them, send them new leads, clients and customers via chamber projects, networking and our other marketing activities and offering training and other tools to help grow their businesses!


The Maricopa County Chamber is dedicated to helping our member shine and get as much exposure as possible and we do this in many ways, from our Search Engine Optimized Business Directory, Our SEO Blog that every business member has access to, our Facebook drip campaigns where we market your business across facebook, to our brand new Chamber App "County Strong" that is free for the public to download and save via discounts and rewards at your business all year long!  We belive in shopping local and are finding great ways to help the public at large do the same directly with our members!


We hope if your looking to expand your business, network with like minded businesses and be a part of something bigger that you will consider joining the Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce!  Learn More about what we offer via the "Why Join" Above or "Reasons to Join" on the left.


Becuase Your Business Deserves County Wide Exposure!
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