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    Theresa Dotts
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    Over the last 25 years, Ive been an accountant, business owner, and business coach. Now, I have taken that knowledge and experience and created online, industry-specific training courses for new business owners. We have courses for Affiliate Marketers, Coaches (Business, Life, Health, Etc - not sports), Freelancers, Membership Site owners, Network Marketers, Online Store owners, and Real Estate Investors and Agents.
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    Simple Savvy Start Up
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    Properly Setting Up Your Business NOW Can Save You Hours of Time and Thousands of Dollars LATER

    Youll benefit from countless years of experience, including the must-have DOs and DONTs of successful business owners who have been right where you are now.

    Our Course Content is Industry Specific So You Know Exactly What to do for YOUR Business:

    * Avoid the pitfalls that will cause trouble, including those you can ignore.

    * Taught by an Accountant and Business Owner who understands what youll need to set up the Legal, Accounting and Tax aspects of your business. As a result, there’s no fluff, leaving highly actionable content.

    * Each Module contains audio, text, and/or video for you to follow along while you set up your own business. The information is in easy to understand language - not confusing Accounting or Legal lingo.

    * Youll also have access to a blog with additional business information that may be beneficial to your business. The blog also has answers to questions received from Clients.

    * Live Chat available for you to ask questions.
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  • Help U Accounting
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