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    Loretta Broughton
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    I have a vision of giving alternatives avenues to the expensive costs of universities and colleges to everyone, while creating a whole new economy of successful businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to lead their communities and families. Leadership requires that we connect to our core values, principles, skills and strengths and fulfill our purpose in life that brings a greater happiness, joy, and success to ourselves, family, business, and community.

    I have succeeded running a nonprofit, Charity Never Faileth, for over five years giving back to my community, families and individuals of over $200,000 in goods and services in 2017 alone. I can have the biggest smile when I see someone else smile and know that I had something to do with it.

    I want to help those who are underachieved because they do not have the means or opportunities which they can rebuild their lives. Many people I help and want to help are those who are left behind by the system of low expectations such as “being in the criminal system”, lack of family resources and/or positive role models. They too have untapped potentials to create strong families and communities. The purpose is to create successful individuals who are well rounded, happy and can make a powerful impact in the future generation by bringing greater love among all because it starts within ourselves and within our homes.

    My mission is to help as many people become more skilled, greater leaders in this new world and economy, and by doing this, assisting as many as possible not to be left behind.

    I have a lifetime of service to both community, individuals and church. I am also a member of DAR-daughters of American Revolution.

    The reason I serve on BizELife is because I follow the beat of my own drum. After witnessing several years of stress, sadness, sorrow and problems from my own children to the many children they went to school with, someone needed to make a difference. It was time to say stop, and it’s time to really assist in their futures, giving the clarity, confidence and success that so many were giving up hope on.

    I needed to make an impact on as many lives as possible and this became the BizELife mission and goal!
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    P O Box 52864
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    Our Mission
    BizELife is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization that advances an entrepreneurial mindset with a “Can Do Attitude” within individuals of all stages to start a business or profession that makes positive social and economic impact within families and communities and promote generosity to serve individuals in need through giving and volunteerism.

    What We Do
    We provide assessment, resources and financial assistance to people for education and direction to learn and develop their interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills in life and work.

    Who We Serve
    Our members are those seeking to gain confidence and skills in running a business, be successful community leaders, and achieve their purpose.
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