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    Family Man, Hard worker, love to Hunt and Fish! Need I say more!
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    I Fix It 4U Handyman Service LLC
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    Nancy Ave
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    San Tan Valley
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    My name is BJ Young. Myself and my wife Tammy Young are the owners of IFixit4U Handyman Services LLC. I started this company to provide homeowners with affordable and professional home improvement options.

    I am very passionate about what I do and the services we provide. I love fixing things and/or making them new again. I come by it honest though. My dad grew up on a farm where, if you didnt fix it yourself it probably didnt get fixed. He instilled a DIY attitude in me at an early age. The same attitude that I will pass on to my children. I can remember going out in the garage with him to help fix our family Areostar minivan. I was the ever important tool getter. I dont know how many times I helped him fix the many holes myself and three other brothers and sister put in the walls while growing up.

    You see, God gives many people many different gifts. Some can paint or sing. My gift is.... IFixIt4U!
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