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Maricopa County Chamber Code of Conduct


To become a Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce Member you must agree to the code of ethics and Terms of Service.  We want those who we all do business with to understand that ethics come before profits and customer service and safe products are what the members of the Maricopa County Chamber put first.

For the purpose of promoting the commerce and industry of  Maricopa County, chamber members will abide by the high ethical standards in business and professions, and improving life in Maricopa County, our members voluntarily agree and strive for the following goals:

  • To conduct our affairs in an honest, fair and principled manner, adhering to a high standard of professional conduct at all times.
  • To make every effort to provide quality merchandise, products or services at fair and reasonable prices.
  • To perform transactions and services with honesty and integrity.
  • To promote the good of the community and recognize the dignity and worth of all individuals.
  • To conduct business affairs with professionalism and skill
  • To protect the consumer through the use of quality materials and construction practices backed by integrity and service.
  • To meet all financial obligations in a responsible manner.
  • To comply with the spirit and letter of business contracts, and manage employees, subcontractors and suppliers with fairness and honor.
  • To keep informed regarding public policies and other essential information which affect our business.
  • To comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety and welfare of the community.
  • To keep honesty as our guiding business policy.
  • To provide timely response to items covered under warranty.
  • To seek to resolve controversies through a non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism.
  • To support and abide by the decisions of the association in promoting and enforcing this code of ethics.

We want your business to succeed and the first step in achieving this goal is to run all our businesses with honesty and integrity, if you do these simple things commerce will follow and your business will grow by word of mouth alone. But we do want to help and will help threw digital technologies and online marketing and promotion of member businesses. 



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