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Business Membership

 Credibility & Consumer Trust! 

$ 97.00

 /  1 year
Basic Membership adds Credibility and Consumer Trust to your business! Includes free Chamber Website, Members Directory, Community Profile Page, Upload Videos and Image Galleries, so members and the public get a great idea of what your business does. Includes access to your own blog on our site where you keep everyone up to date and is going to help you Search Engine Optimization and Visibility out there on the Internet.  
Membership also includes our Marketeers Meetings. You get to come together with other Chamber Business Members and work to market each others business.  Also included is your listing on our Chamber App called County Strong that comes with its rewards program!
Membership is $97 a year with a one time application fee of $40

Networking Membership

 Market Your Business Across The Valley! 

$ 297.00

 /  1 year

Take your business across the valley with our Networking Membership!  We provide our monthly mixers and events and now this membership includes your membership in the best and fastest growing networking group in the Valley!  Networking360 & the Maricopa County Chamber co-host some of the best Networking events in the Valley!  No 30-second commercials, No Rules, No Agenda, No Microphones, no having to listen to 30 minutes of announcements before you get to start shaking hands, building relationship and meeting the people who are going to help your business grow!  $297 per year, the one-time application fee of $40


VIP Membership

 The Gem Membership! 

$ 447.00

 /  1 year
The VIP Membership takes your marketing to the next level! Membership includes a "LoyalyGems" a Bluetooth marketing device that broadcast your advertisement to just about every android cell phone within 300 Plus Meters of where ever you are!  It's like FREE CLICK all year long without having to PPC or Pay Per Click!
Your Membership also includes the "Networking360" Membership. The Marketeers weekly meetings, a free Chamber Website, Search Engine Optimized Members Directory, Community Profile page (Add Videos and Image Galleries of What you do) Your Business Listed on our Chamber Mobile App "County Strong" and your adding Credibility & Consumer Trust without having to join the organizations like the BBB
This membership offers the most value for your business!

Resident Membership

 Only $19 a Year! 

$ 27.00

 /  1 year

Support the Chamber and Save with Business to Member Discounts!


Political Party

 Politicians, Government,
Political Based Groups 

$ 1499.00

 /  1 year

Charities & Religious

 Faith Based Organizations 

$ 25.00

 /  1 year

Charities & Religious Organizations


Corporate Sponsor


$ 2500.00

 For  1 year

Business Sponsor

 Get Some Perks! 

$ 1500.00

 /  1 year

Member Sponsor

 Get Some Perks! 

$ 800.00

 /  1 year

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